Jagermonster! *Grrrrowl*

Mmm. Grr.

Where the wild things are?

Superbowl Sunday is almost here!

Saints? Colts? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am WAY more excited about the upcoming Superbowl party than I am for the actual game. This year, I’m a little concerned about the cocktail side of the party. There will be veritable rivers of Jägermeister flowing through the crowd and the only mixer currently slated to appear is… can you guess?

Sugar-free RedBull.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed my share of Jägerbombs. But we’ve all seen that bombing all night leads to a sad, sad morning. So this year I’m putting the Jägermonster to the test!

In a cordial glass if you have one, in a shot if you don’t, you’ll layer: 1 ounce Jäger, 3/4 ounce orange juice, and 1/4 ounce of grenadine. Use a spoon to control flow; the aim is to get the liquors into the glass without disturbing the clarity of the layers. It’s all about visual appeal, people.

It’s pretty sweet, has that Jäger-cough-syrup tang that we all know and love. Keep in mind that it’s loaded with sugar, which may contribute to your raging post-game headache. As always, pace yourself with water and know your limits!

(Thanks to Common Man Cocktails for the insight!)

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:Blows Dust Off Monitor:

Dropping a line to let y’all know I’ll be back with new cocktail recipes, old favorites, and perhaps a product review or two! In the meantime, how do we feel about cinnamon whiskey?

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Here, Fishy Fishy…

I find your tastes questionable.

Are you for real?

Life feels pretty fine today. I finally accomplished a goal that I’ve held for about three months. I won’t lie: I’m super nervous. But also? PSYCHED.

In the spirit of things that are awesome, I’m celebrating with a slammin’ Salmon Run.

This story came to me from my sister, currently residing in Wyoming. I don’t know how familiar ya’ll are with Wyoming, but according to her there’s not much else to do besides shotgun beers and learn questionable forms of tequila consumption.  That being said, just trust me on this one. My love of tequila is lukewarm at best… the fume-y aftertaste seems to linger forever, except for this one.

Line up three shot glasses. One of tequila, one of tomato juice, and one of orange juice. I know, gross, right? But trust me. Shoot all three in order. Tequila chased by tomato chased by orange. Maybe it’s the progression of pretty bad to not-so-bad to sweet relief? Maybe the acids in the juices break down the vapor trail tequila seems to leave behind? I couldn’t tell you.  All I know is, flavor-wise, I prefer this method to the salt and lime setup any day.

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Freaky Friday – The Bull Shot


This is one cocktail I just can’t get behind.

Take a Bloody Mary, and remove everything that makes it good. Take out the tangy tomato juice, the spicy horseradish, the citrus, and the celery. Oh, and pitch the ice, too. This salty, cloudy mess is served steaming hot.

It’s a simple blend.  It’s just hot beef bouillon and a shot of vodka. Sometimes worcestershire or tabasco is dashed in, but that depends on the house recipe. You’re truly at the mercy of the bartender on this one. Served hot or cold, the end result is a murky concoction high in sodium and lacking in overall appeal.

Seriously. People buy these. Some people even enjoy them. Serve it hot, serve it cold, just… don’t please serve it to me.

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Open Letter to the Whiskey Sour


Dear Whiskey Sour,

Look at you in that photo! Over the years, we’ve had some good times together. (I mean really good times!) You’ve always been strong when I needed you. You’ve always been friendly, always genuine even when our timing wasn’t quite right. Darling, thanks to you I’ve laughed, I’ve cried… you’ve truly changed my life. And I appreciate that, from the bottom of my heart.

But love, I have one tiny… problem. More like a complaint. (Please listen, before you get bitter.) I never thought I would say this, but: you’re too sweet to me. I mean sure, sweetness was part of your charm when we first met but sometimes a girl likes it a little… rough, y’know?

Anyway, I thought that in the future we could mix it up a bit. How do you feel about replacing that tired old sour mix we always use with perhaps a bit of simple syrup and fresh lemon juice? A bite here and there wouldn’t hurt anything and might take our relationship to a whole new level. Who knows?

Please, do it for me.

Love always,


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Few things in life are quite as nice as a sweet, slushy treat on a sticky summer evening. This one in particular is wonderful for muggy August nights, when the air is so heavy even breathing seems to take herculean effort. You’ll thank yourself for your advanced planning when you’re relaxing on the back porch with a frosty glass in hand.

Puree about four cups of watermelon and freeze in ice cube trays. Once frozen, put the melon into a blender with 2 ounces of simple syrup*,  2 or 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, 8 ounces vodka, and two ounces melon liqueur. Blend until slushy, serve in whatever vessel seems appropriate. Martini glasses are functional, I prefer to triple the recipe and swim in it. To each his own.

Now, take your slushy delight somewhere cool and comfortable, and try to relax – you made it through another Tuesday!

*You can make simple syrup by dissolving sugar in hot water, 1:1 ratio. Cover it and keep it in the fridge!

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Boom, Boom, POW

powIs it just me, or is this song everywhere?

I’m not ashamed to admit I enjoy the Black Eyed Peas, and this playful method of downing a shot is a favorite of mine. What’s special about this shot isn’t the contents, it’s the method of consumption. This could get messy!

For the Boom Boom shot, you’ll need three things: a shooter (2 oz. shot glass), fizz, and booze. The liquids are up to your discretion, but I’m told by a reliable source that sprite and white tequila are a good pair for this.

One ounce of your selected poison, one of soda. Seal the top of the glass with the palm of your hand, slam it on the table, and try to down the shot before it foams over. Wipe off your hand, maybe enjoy a good burp, and set up the next round!

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Charmed, I’m Sure

Orange and mintA few weeks back, I was visiting an old friend from high school. The visit turned into an impromptu party of four and I was sent to the kitchen to find a means to refreshment using the odds-n-ends left in various liquor bottles. I did the usual: wine spritzers, screwdrivers, white russians. They went over well, but I had a request (or challenge) to “make something special.”

One of the gentlemen at the party had the nickname of “Sweet Talker.” I designed this at his behest and gave it his nickname.

Thus, the new cocktail is named the Sweet Talker. Its flavor is tropical and sparkly, using spiced rum, orange vodka, triple sec, orange/tangerine/mango juice, and topped with sprite. It’s a perfect summer drink. The rum is surprisingly well-hidden; so much so, no one guessed what was in them.

I figured, like all sweet talkers, the real danger comes from not realizing until too late that you’ve been had ;)

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